Modification Plates

Have you modified your vehicle?
If the answer is yes, you will need to obtain what is known as a Modification Plate.

Modification Plates

This ensures that the modification to your vehicle has been done in a safe and roadworthy manner, protecting you and your family against any possible harm.

Has the seating capacity in your vehicle been altered ? a larger engine or turbo charger added ? a different gearbox or differential not offered from the manufacturer ? all these modifications will require what’s known as a modification plate to assure that the change has been done safely and correctly to comply with roadworthy standards. The qualified examiner will then be able to issue the modification plate. A modification plate can only be obtained by an authorised examiner. For a mechanic to apply for a Modification Plate license, he/she must be qualified as a mechanic for no less than 10 years with relevant industry experience in manufacture, maintenance or modifications.

Queensland Roadworthy Services can help with the following Modification Codes.

  • LA1 – Equivalent Engine Substitution
  • LA2 – Performance Engine Installation
  • LA3 – Supercharger \ Turbocharger Installation
  • LA4 – Engine Modifications
  • LB1 – Transmission Substitution
  • LB2 – Rear Axle Substitution
  • LG2 – Brake System Conversion
  • LH2 – Roof Conversion
  • LH4 – Modified Wheelbase Conversion
  • LH6 – Vehicle Construction
  • LH7 – Body Chassis Variants Conversion
  • LH11 – Campervan and Motor home Conversion
  • LK1 – Seat and Seat Belt Installation
  • LK6 – Child Restraint Anchorage Installation
  • LK8 – Roll Bar and Roll Cage Installation
  • LK10 – Aftermarket Roll Cage and Roll Over Protection System Installation
  • LL7 – Motorcycle and Three Wheeled Vehicles Seating Capacity Alteration
  • LM1 – Fuel Tank Alteration
  • LS2 – LHD Vehicle Steering Conversion
  • LS4 – Front Suspension and Steering Conversion
  • LS6 – Rear Suspension Conversion
  • LS10 – High Lift – 50mm o 125mm (Modification)

For more information on Modification Plates please follow the link through to the Queensland Transport Website.