Pre-Purchase Info

Before purchasing a second hand vehicle be sure to do a PPSR online check. 

A very valuable tool that will give you the information you need when buying your next car.

  1. This will tell you if the vehicle has a security interest meaning any money owing on it.
  2. All the relevant information on the car including Vin # Engine # Build & Compliance date and if the registration is current.
  3. If the vehicle has been Stolen or written off. 

All vital information so you don’t get caught out.

Provided below is a direct link to TMR and charge is only $3.40

Pre Purchase Inspection

Buying a used car, motorcycle or caravan? With over 25 years experience in the motor industry let me help you make the right decision.

Nobody likes hidden surprises so if you’re just not sure, have limited knowledge or just don’t have the time let us help you by having a pre purchase inspection done offering you peace of mind.